Westinghouse® Water Refiners and Filters can improve the quality and taste of your household water. With refined water you get the benefit of using 75% less of any soap and cleaners in your home. Your clothes will be brighter and softer due to the removal of hardness causing minerals and harsh chemicals in the water.

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Westinghouse Water Refiners & Filters

From Westinghouse, the Industry Leader

Westinghouse® Whole Home Refiner Systems improve the quality of your water by removing the unpleasant taste, odor and chlorine from your water as well as many other chemicals. With the highest quality carbon, KDF, Garnite, Bacteriostat 55, and Ion Exchange Resin on the market in combination with Revolution Series Lift and Spin Technology, the Westinghouse Refiner Systems brings a peace of mind to you and your family that you are getting the highest quality of water for cooking and drinking.

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