Know the Benefits of a Westinghouse Water Filtration System

From Westinghouse, the Industry Leader

Westinghouse® Water Refiners and Filters can improve the quality and taste of your household water. With refined water you get the benefit of using 75% less of any soap and cleaners in your home. Your clothes will be brighter and softer due to the removal of hardness causing minerals and harsh chemicals in the water.

The Westinghouse® system often eliminates the need for hard chemical cleaners to combat the hardness in the water. Eliminates hardness deposits building up in shower heads, sink faucet and water heaters significantly extending their life expectancy. Eliminates chlorine from household water which dries out your skin and hair and strips the colors from clothes and linens. Refined water rinses cleanly in the shower eliminating soap scum in your hair and skin leaving your hair vibrant and skin soft.

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