Assurance Combo System

Assurance Series: Designed to Improve the Health of Every Home and Family

As the name implies, the Westinghouse Assurance Series refiner delivers exceptional quality water in a package you can count on. The Assurance Series refiner is a slightly more simplistic version of the Progressive Series. It utilizes a five cycle co-current flow valve.

Built from high-impact, corrosion resistant materials to stand up to the test of time, The Westinghouse Assurance Series is a feature rich, economical water refiner. The solid-state microprocessor’s digital screen displays user, diagnostic, and history information providing valuable information to the homeowner and Westinghouse pro technician while its non-volatile memory stores this data indefinitely.

The Importance of Catalytic Carbon, KDF -55, KDF-85 and ION Exchange Softening

Tap on the tank sections to see how the Vortech Max cleans your water.

see how the Vortech Max cleans your water
Catalytic Carbon promotes a variety of chemical reactions to provide you with the cleanest water possible
KDF-55 sanitizes water
KDF-85 eliminates iron and hydrogen sulfide.
The Ion Exchange Resin will soften the water

Watch the patented lift and spin technology in action

Assurance Features

Westinghouse Refiners are most often provided with a unique filtering media configuration made up of three separate filtration medias.

  • High Microporosity Granular Activated Carbon
    Reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor.
  • BlackCat® Ion Exchange Media
    BlackCat high capacity resin removes more iron and hardness- causing minerals.
  • Glacial Support Bed
    Promotes good water flow and even distribution through the system.

A-450 Features

The Reverse Osmosis Water System for your home!

The technology at work is impressive, removing nearly all of the remaining contaminants in your water. You are left with nothing but pure, clean, fresh-tasting water to enjoy.

If you’re buying bottled water, you can stop. If you’re relying on faucet or refrigerator filters, this is a new level of purity. The Westinghouse Drinking Water System provides a limitless supply of higher quality water than all these filtering methods combined.

The Assurance Series System

From the moment you have your Westinghouse Refiner installed, you will see time savings: stains come out of clothing faster and with less effort, and dishes no longer need to soak before baked-on food comes clean.

You will also notice that you use less detergent to wash dishes and laundry, as well as less soap every time you shower and shave. Which leads to financial savings noticed when you do your weekly and monthly shopping. Your clothes last longer too, because the hard water minerals aren’t breaking down or wearing at the fibers.

You’re not buying specialty detergents or household cleaners either because your showers aren’t covered in soap scum. Your sinks and every day kitchen spills simply wash up easier!

Time and money. That‘s the benefit of refined water.

Assurance A-450 RO System

The water we consume should be as pure as it can be, so once again, Westinghouse delivers.

After the water entering your home is initially treated by the Westinghouse whole house refiner it is then polished even further. The Westinghouse® Drinking Water System incorporates several stages of advanced treatment that deliver fresh, purified water on demand, which is conveniently dispensed from a special faucet installed at your kitchen sink.

All of the parts on the system are covered as long as you own it

Learn More About the Assurance Series Lifetime Warranty

The Assurance Series Package also features a Lifetime Limited Warranty. All of the parts on the system are covered as long as you own it, so if something does go out on the system all you will have to pay for is shipping for the part and for the service to come out and fix the part. If you decide to sell your home after you have purchased your Assurance Series Package, you can choose to transfer the warranty to the new owner OR you can call us to come to uninstall the system and reinstall it at your new home for a small fee. There aren’t many products you can buy for your home that will stand by their products for life but the Assurance Series Package is a system that will continue to serve you well throughout the years!

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