Progressive Revolution Series

Progressive Revolution Series: The Best System to Improve the Health of Every Home and Family

The new. The different. The better. Everyone wants that, but with innovation comes uncertainty — will it work? Will it break, or cost me more? Can I trust the company that made the product to stand behind what they sold me?

With innovative products from Westinghouse, you can be confident that the new thing you desire comes with the quality, value, and customer support you need. After all, Westinghouse has been making innovative consumer and industrial products for over 130 years.

The Importance of Catalytic Carbon, KDF -55, KDF-85 and ION Exchange Softening

Hover over the tank sections to see how the Vortech Max cleans your water.

see how the Vortech Max cleans your water

Watch the patented lift and spin technology in action

Drinking Water

REDUCTION PERFORMANCE CLAIMS: This system has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 58 for reduction of the substances listed below. The concentration of the indicated substances in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system, as specified in NSF/ANSI 58. Testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions. Actual performance may vary.

Contaminant % Reduction
Arsenic 97%
Barium 96%
Cadmium 98%
Chromium 96%
Copper 99%
Fluoride 94%
Lead 99%
Nitrate + Nitrite (both as N)4 86%
Nitrate (as N)4 87%
Nitrite (as N)4 77%
Radium 226/2285 89%
Selenium 97%
Total Dissolved Solids 95%

The Importance of Catalytic Carbon, KDF -55, KDF-85 and ION Exchange Softening

Tap on the tank sections to see how the Vortech Max cleans your water.

see how the Vortech Max cleans your water

Watch the patented lift and spin technology in action

Progressive Revolution Series

  • Patented lift and spin technology
  • Catalytic Carbon removes chlorine from your water improving taste
  • KDF-55 sanitizes your water, removing harmful bacteria and reducing heavy metals
  • KDF-85 eliminates iron and hydrogen sulfide and controls scale, bacteria, and algae
  • Space-saving design that doesn’t require much space in your home
  • Lifetime warranty that makes it simple to continue to enjoy great-tasting water

P-550 RO Features

The best RO system in the Houston area!

If you’re buying bottled water, you can stop. If you’re relying on faucet or refrigerator filters, this is a new level of purity. The Westinghouse Drinking Water System provides a limitless supply of higher quality water than all these filtering methods combined.

The technology at work is impressive, removing nearly all of the remaining contaminants in your water. You are left with nothing but pure, clean, fresh-tasting water to enjoy.

The Progressive Revolution Series

The Progressive Revolution Series does all the heavy lifting to provide you with clean, safe water in your home that is safe to cook with. The system contains many properties that work together to make quality water is avilable.

Compartmentalized Intellitank – The advancement of the compartmentalized tank provides physical separation of the medias, allowing the Revolution Series to perform the same purification work of much larger multi-tank systems in a space-saving, more efficient, singletank design.

Renewable Resource Derived Carbon – The Revolution Series refiner removes chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odors with a cleaner, higher capacity, longer lasting carbon derived from renewable coconut shells.

Calendar Override – The Calendar Override ensures the refiner is kept in a fresh, clean state, even when it’s not in use. This feature enables the system to go into regeneration after a predetermined number of days, even if the metered water usage hasn’t triggered an automatic regeneration. This is very helpful during periods of non-use or low use.

1” Controller – With a minimum of a 1” Controller & Distributor, Westinghouse whole house refiners enjoy very high flow rates enabling them to keep up with high levels of water usage in the home.

NOVRAM – When your Westinghouse water refining professional installs your new Westinghouse refiner, they will program the computer valve with many water quality and system capacity settings. These settings are stored in NOVRAM – non-volatile memory, just like your home computer. So if the system loses power, even for days or weeks, no service call will be required to reprogram the system once power is restored.

Backup Power – Speaking of power, all Westinghouse refiners provide their own backup power should power be lost. A reliable coin cell lithium battery provides 8 hours of carry-over.

The P-550 RO System

Along with the softener conditioning system, you also get the next generation in reverse osmosis water system Houston. Pure healthy water that tastes great!

After the water entering your home is initially treated by the Westinghouse whole house refiner it is then polished even further. The Westinghouse® Drinking Water System incorporates several stages of advanced treatment that deliver fresh, purified water on demand, which is conveniently dispensed from a special faucet installed at your kitchen sink.

We sometimes take water for granted. But we use it more than you think. We cook with it. We wash our fruits and vegetables with it. Make our coffee, tea, and flavored drinks with it. We make ice cubes, and most importantly – we drink it.

The water we consume should be as pure as it can be, so once again, Westinghouse delivers.

All of the parts on the system are covered as long as you own it

Learn More About the Progressive Revolution Series Lifetime Warranty

The Progressive Revolution Series Package also features a Lifetime Limited Warranty. All of the parts on the system are covered as long as you own it, so if something does go out on the system all you will have to pay for is shipping for the part and for the service to come out and fix the part. If you decide to sell your home after you have purchased your Progressive Revolution Series Package, you can choose to transfer the warranty to the new owner OR you can call us to come uninstall the system and reinstall it at your new home for a small fee. There aren’t many products you can buy for your home that will stand by their products for life but the Progressive Revolution Series Package is a system that will continue to serve you well throughout the years!

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